Anti-Candida (ACD) Breakfast Recipes

ACD Breakfast Recipes:

Breakfast Coconut Pancakes and Green Smoothie  ACD Phase 1

Breakfast Porridge ACD-Phase 1

Chocolate Quinoa Power Breakfast Cookies ACD-maintenance or use squash puree instead of applesauce for ACD-phase 2

Grain-free breakfast (or dessert) brownie cakes ACD-Phase 1 with carob

Grain-free energy bars ACD-Phase 1

Italian Grain-Free Pancakes with Ratatouille Topping ACD Phase 1

Key Lime Pie Breakfast Parfait ACD-Phase 2 with options for Phase 1

Luscious lemon avocado fruit pizza, ACD-Phase 1 and up

No-grain flax cereal ACD-Phase 1

PBJ breakfast flatbread ACD-Phase 1

Quinoa Flatbread Sandwich with Edaname and Strawberries ACD-Phase 2

Shamrock Shake Pancakes ACD-Phase1

Super Seedy Sunbutter Bars, ACD-Phase 1 and Grain-Free


Unknown said...

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Sheree Welshimer said...

Thank you! I love breakfast but I miss some of my favorites because I am on the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol now. I am glad you can enjoy them though.

Jr. Williams said...

Is okay to eat jif peanut butter on a diet?
quinoa on paleo

Jr. Williams said...

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