Anti-Candida (ACD) Snacks

Veggie crackers
Welcome to the snack recipe page. All snack recipes are free of dairy, gluten, nuts and eggs.


Backpacking Seed Bars ACD-Phase 2

Carrot Hemp Seed Crackers ACD-Phase 1

Game Day, Grain-Free Crackers with Guacamole Topping ACD-Phase 1

Grain-free energy bars ACD-Phase 1

Kale Chips with the Works ACD-Phase 2

Kale Chips Alfredo ACD-Phase 1

Pumpkin-Protein Spread ACD-Phase 1
Fresh Fruit Compote ACD-maintenance
Pumpkin Quinoa Chocolate Chip Cookies ACD-Phase 3

Skinny Cocoa ACD-Phase 3

Spaghetti Squash Seed Crackers ACD-Phase 1

Sweet and Spicy Pumpkin Seeds ACD-Phase 1

Trail-mix kale ACD-Phase 1

Tutti fruiti energy bites ACD-Phase 1

Veggie Medley Chips ACD-Phase 1 and up

Veggie Seed Crackers ACD-Phase 1


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