Anti-Candida (ACD) Dessert Recipes

Carob Coconut Ice cream with Carob Fudge Bites
It's really possible to enjoy dessert while on the ACD diet. All of my recipes are free of dairy, gluten, eggs and nuts. All are vegan.

Dessert Recipes:

Avocado berry sorbet, ACD-Phase 2 and beyond, with Phase 1 option

Brownie Cookie Dough Wrap ACD-maintenance

Blueberry, beet ice cream ACD-Phase 1 and 2

Carob Coconut Ice Cream with Carob Fudge Bites  ACD Phase 1

Carrot Cake Bites ACD Phase 2

Carrot cake ice cream cups ACD Phase 1

Cauliflower Truffles ACD-Phase 1

Chocolate Sunflower Seed Tart ACD-Phase 3

Chocolate Zucchini Brownie in a Mug ACD-Phase 2

Christmas dessert recipe ACD-Phase 1

Coconut Blackberry Crisp ACD-Maintenance

Coconut Mousse pie ACD-Phase 1

Dandy Blend Bean Fudge ACD-Maintenance or ACD-Phase 2 if using stevia

G-f breakfast (or dessert) brownie cakes ACD-Phase 1 if using carob

Gone-to-sunbutter-and-jam-heaven bars ACD Phase 2 and up

Grain-free carob brownies with fudgy frosting ACD-Phase 1 with carob

Ice Cream cupcakes ACD-Maintenance

Lace Cookie Cones with Blackberry Sorbet ACD-Phase 3

Melt-in-your-mouth lemon butter cups ACD-Phase 1 and up

PB&J Ice Cream Sundaes ACD-Phase 2 and up; ACD-Phase 1 if pear omitted

Purple Pizzaz Pudding, ACD-Phase 1 and 2

Raw lemon blueberry bars, ACD-Phase 1 and up

Raw nutterbutter cookies, ACD-Phase 1

Raw peppermint patty bars, ACD-Phase 1 and up

Roasted Beet Ice Cream with Coconut Seed Bar ACD-Phase 1

Sleepytime Vanilla Tea Shake ACD-Phase 1

Super Seedy Sunbutter Bars ACD-Phase 1

Sunbutter Bark ACD-Phase 1

Sunbutter ice cream cookies ACD-Phase 1

Single-serve sunbutter cookies and hemp seed ice cream ACD-Phase 1

Strawberry Carrot Pudding with Coconut Butter Swirl ACD-Phase 1

Two Kinds of Ice Cream Sandwiches ACD-Phase 1, 2

Vegan Chocolate Sunbutter Pillows ACD-Phase 3

50-calorie Chocolate or Carob Fix ACD-Phase 1 (carob); Phase 2 (chocolate)


Unknown said...

I am happy to see step by step instructions. Carob Coconut Ice cream is wonderful in taste and with different alternatives. I will try any of the deserts recipes and share my views.

Mayapandit said...

the links of these dessert recipes are really good, you must have put in a lot of effort to research about these links. I really appreciate your efforts man.

Sheree Welshimer said...

I am glad you enjoyed these recipes. As you can tell, I love my desserts. So keep checking back. There will be more!

Amy Watson said...

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I have tried out ur Cheese Sausage Rolls...fantastic and thanks for ur recipe. I have posted up on my blog and have linked you.
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