Recipes for the 30-day Paleo Autoimmune Protocol

This recipe collection is for the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol (AIP), a 30-day elimination diet for individuals with autoimmune disease. The diet is designed to clear inflammation out of your body in hopes of getting remission of symptoms. After 30 days, the eliminated foods are slowly reintroduced to note the reappearance of symptoms.Here is a link for a post about restricted foods of the diet:

I have been following the diet for 16-days and am posting recipes as I go along.


Blueberry coconut cups

Raw cinnabon bites

Carrot cake kale chips

Pumpkin spice kale

Apple pie kale chips

Punkinormous sandwich cookies

Lemon bars, no seeds, nuts, grain

Berrylicious cobbler

Eat-your-broccoli cupcakes

Avocado joy bars

Coconut mousse pie


Arriba! Squash, Mexican-style

Chip platter with beets, rutabaga and zucchini

Cauliflower rice with rainbow veggies

Sauteed kale with lemon beet cream
Carrot top broccoli

 Holiday squash boats with cauliflower rice pilaf

Winter veggie pile-up

Yuletide veggies 

Cauliflower nuggets with chimichurri sauce

Golden beets and veggie delight

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