Low stomach acid

Chronic candida infections are linked to low stomach acid which I have had for years. Put that together with multiple rounds of antibiotics given to me over the course of years and no wonder I have stomach problems.

My low stomach acid is probably the result of taking tons of antacids and other over-the-counter stomach remedies back when I didn't know what was wrong with my stomach. I got little help from doctors who also gave me acid inhibitors. This is quite common as the symptoms of low stomach acid are pretty much the same as those of too much stomach acid.

An estimated 80 percent of individuals with food allergies/sensitivities probably have low stomach acid. Low stomach acid becomes more prevalent as we age. The probability of having this digestive issue is 40 percent by age 40 and 50 percent by age 60. Individuals with low stomach acid are the target for many health problems because they are not absorbing the necessary vitamins and minerals.

I'm hoping I'm on the right track for curing my candida problems now that I've added HCL-pepsin supplements as well as the L-glutamine for repairing my digestive tract.

Battling a recurrence of candida has more than tested my mettle. I long for an explanation of why I got so well only to come crashing back almost to where I started.

My health-care provider suggested that my parents and ancestors may be partially to blame. I am one-eighth native American which means I may have inherited a tendency towards diabetes and sensitivity to carbohydrates. Another factor could be that my father was a recovering alcoholic which again means inheriting a tendency towards carbohydrate issues.

All of this family-tree stuff suggests I will most likely be restricting carbs the rest of my life.