Friday, May 18, 2012

50-calorie chocolate fix

Big Red (Nika) takes down her older pal, Misha
You'd think an IT band injury would be something you'd get from running or jogging. The photo above shows the cause of mine.  Nika (A.K.A. Big Red), my malamute, just topped 75 pounds, and she's just eight months old. Despite lots of training and exercise, she still loves to pull. Boy, can she throw her weight into it. Unfortunately, your tendency is to pull back and strain the IT band. I'm thinking she needs a sled.

Coyote pups in the neighborhood

 On one of my "walks or pulls" with dogs, I spied these little guys (six coyote pups) in their irrigation drain pipe den. I've been having fun keeping tabs on their growth, play and curiosity on my daily walks. I discovered the pups on Mother's Day in exactly the same place where their mother had pups last year. It was a pretty nice Mother's Day surprise.

Dandy Blend cacao chips, about 50 calories each
I've been seeing a physical therapist for my IT band injury( and of course, all the "torture" is a perfect excuse to enjoy some chocolate, flavored with Dandy Blend, an instant herbal beverage with dandelion that tastes (to me) like coffee.

Here's what you need:

2 -3 T. cocoa powder
1/4 cup coconut oil
1 tsp. Dandy blend (optional)
sweetener of choice
dash of sea salt
1 tsp. vanilla powder

Here's what you do:

Melt coconut oil. Add in other ingredients and stir to mix. Place in a container such as 8 X 8 square pan to allow to harden in the fridge. Cut or break into desired pieces.

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bitt said...

I make chocolate like this all the time but no dandy blend yet. I gotta try that. Great idea. Only 50 calories, even better. I wasn't sure, don't count, plus I consider chocolate medicinal anyhow. ;-)

Sheree Welshimer said...

I agree. Chocolate shouldn't be counted because of its "mental health" and medicinal value.

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