Saturday, April 6, 2013

Purple pizzaz pudding, ACD-friendly

Does this look precious or what?
My pooches are my own personal therapy dogs. They are like interactive teddy bears. Admittedly, sometimes a little too "interactive." Yes, they've given me black eyes, a fat lip and strained muscles but it was all in good fun! Mostly, they are loving and affectionate. Lately, I have been needing their therapy. I recently found out I am deficient in numerous vitamins but especially Vitamin B and D.

The malabsorption of Vitamin B, but especially B12, is often a part of chronic intestinal disorders. In the winter in northern climates, vitamin D often needs to be supplemented.

Most people with chronic intestinal disorders, like myself, suffer from malabsorption and are malnourished. But yet, little screening is done for vitamin deficiencies. No surprise too, that insurance seldom pays for this screening.

Malabsorption is the inability of the cells of the body to obtain nutrients from the foods eaten. Some disorders associated with malabsorption are chrohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, diverticulitis, celiac disease and cystic fibrosis. Individuals who follow a strict vegan or vegetarian diet also may find it challenging to get enough B12 and zinc.

I have getting vitamin injections (B, D, C and Calicium) every two weeks to correct my deficiences (also not covered by insurance). But there is more to the story. My digestive enzymes and stomach acid are zilch. All of this is thanks to years of antibiotics for sinus infections, antacids and gallbladder removal. Where was a good holistic practitioner back when all this happened?

Purple pizzaz pudding

Following a vegan diet is no longer possible for me with all of my vitamin deficiences, especially vitamin B and zinc. But vegan recipes are still a part of my repertoire. Recently, I cooked up Purple Pizzaz Pudding (ACD-Phase 1 and 2). What makes this pudding such a wonderful shade of purple? The purple comes from beets, blueberries and blackberries, all of which contain loads of wonderful vitamins for you.

Beets can be a great aid to digestion. I have been drinking beet juice. One 4-ounce glass promotes regularity and aids digestion. Simply steam beets and save the water. Instant beet juice!

Here's what you need for one generous serving:

1 red  or golden beet, peeled, diced, steamed and cooled
3/4 cup mixed blueberries and blackberries (or choose one if you like)
1 T. coconut butter
Splash of coconut milk

Here's what you do:

Put everything into a magic bullet or food processor and blend. Add coconut milk as needed to get desired thickness. Yes, that's it!

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