Sunday, February 17, 2008

IBS symptoms continue to plague me

This blog is continuing to evolve over time just as has my journey to try to find a solution to my stomach/IBS-like issues. I have suffered for years with daily discomfort and sometimes disabling stomach and digestive problems that doctors have labeled as gastroparesis (paralysis of the stomach) which is a fancy way of saying severe IBS. At the time I received my diagnosis, I was happy because at least I had a name to put with my symptoms. But then there came the shrugs of doctors' shoulders when asked what could be done to help me. There was no cure, no medication, nothing they could hold out to offer me hope for relief.

That left me with only one solution. Begin my own search for answers and remedies. I have been pointed in many directions by naturopaths, other "experts" and well-meaning friends who believed they would be able to solve or at least lessen my symptoms. Some of these side journeys have been beneficial, such as uncovering food allergies through elimination or rotation diets.

It was on one of these side journeys that I began this blog as a chronicle of my experiences on a rotation diet. Now I realize that despite my hopes, the rotation diet won't be a solution but rather another piece in the puzzle to improving my condition. That's not to say that I won't continue to follow a diet free of the food allergens that aggravate my condition.

In future blog entries, I will address my ongoing experiences in looking for ways to improve/reduce my gastroparesis, IBS symptoms, maintain good health and eat well. I believe, by way of experience, I have become something of an expert and want to share whatever I can that will help others. In the meantime, I am keeping the faith that this journey will lead me to improved well-being. And my animal companions always keep me smiling.


Katherine said...

Just ran across your blog while googling blogs for "rotation diet"....please see my posts about doing an elemental diet on under forums and "IBS-er tries Elemental Diet"

I, like you, continue to search for relief.


Anonymous said...

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