Friday, January 1, 2016

Less pain with better posture; paleo pumpkin pie bites

Bailey, the cat, uses a leftover Christmas present box for a hideout
Bailey, the cat, is just like human kids when it comes to boxes. They can be transformed into anything your imagination wants.  He makes them into hideouts from which he springs out to surprise passersby (the dog fur kids). That's when the chase game begins.
Paleo pumpkin pie mini pie
Less pain with better posture is my goal this year. I have always strived for good posture but fibromyalgia flareups have set me back in my efforts. I recently had a month+-long flareup but have gradually gotten better. However, the flareup left me with increased upper body pain, especially in my shoulders and arms.

I have found some things that help me that you might want to try. One is Essentrics mini-workouts. You can find them for free on the internet at this link: 
I especially recommend the posture mini-workout to relieve your upper body pain and begin to improve your posture. You can do this mini-workout as often as you like for relief from pain. I always find my pain can be reduced if I am elongating my body with good posture. The mini-workout is gentle and soothing too.

Another one of my picks for reduced pain and improved posture is the Align Me Posture Bra at  
They also make a posture shirt which I haven't tried.

I wear this bra while exercising. It helps keep me in the proper position. I do find that the bra becomes uncomfortable after several hours of wearing do to the pressure panels. That's why I limit how much I wear it but it does help, especially during exercising when you need to concentrate on so many things like breathing, proper positioning, etc.

Here's my pick for a simple, clean paleo dessert or snack: Paleo Pumpkin Pie Bites or Mini Pies.
These pumpkin pie bites are suitable for the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol too.

What you need for 8 mini-bites or pies:

1 can organic pumpkin puree or 2 cups fresh pumpkin puree
2 T. coconut oil
2 T. grassfed gelatin
sweetener of choice
pinch of salt
1 T. cinnamon 
1/4 tsp. ground ginger or cloves (These are optional.)

What you do:

 Put all the ingredients (except gelatin) in a saucepan. Heat until coconut oil melted. Then add in gelatin and continue cooking on low heat for 5 minutes. Remove from the heat and place the mixture in mini-ramekins or in 8 sections of a cupcake pan (silicon works well). Refrigerate until firm. Then enjoy!

 I like eating these mini-bites made in a cupcake pan for snacks. Yum!


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