Friday, December 24, 2010

Anti-Candida Christmas dessert recipe

What's Christmas dinner without dessert, even for us candida folks? My dessert uses some of the trail mix I talked about in my first post about by Christmas dinner menu at It also makes use of my favorite vanilla tea smoothie recipe at

I simply whipped up some of this smoothie in the morning and poured it into a freezer-safe container. I stored it in the freezer all day and took it out in the evening. After thawing it out slightly, I spooned it into my food processor and blended it on high into an soft-serve ice cream consistency. It really does resemble soft-serve ice cream.

Spoon this frozen dessert into a ice-cream dish and top off with a tablespoon of trail mix and voila: dessert for anti-candida me!

Merry Christmas everyone! 


Eat To Live said...

I should be more like you and make appetizing food. I guess.... I just don't care what I eat as long as long as the candida stays away I am happy... My food looks so bland compared to yours.

If you are interested, I have some giveaways going on. Stevia... 4 winners and Tropical Traditions coconut 2 pounds. Also if you have any xylitol recipes, I am giving an apron away for the best recipe.

Hope you can stop by and check them out. Terry

Sheree Welshimer said...

Thanks! I'll take a look. Happy New Year!

Unknown said...

This anti-candida christmas dessert recipe is one of the healthy dessert recipes that I think will make an impact on somebody.

Unknown said...

This will go to my list of dessert recipes that's for sure!