Sunday, January 23, 2011

ACD-diet breakfast: pomegranate sweet potato

Kona takes over the bed

Breakfast sweet potato
Kona, my golden retriever, has the right idea. She loves to sleep in but she does it her way. Her morning starts by getting up whenever I do as early or late as that might be. After gobbling up her doggie chow, she heads back to bed as pictured above.

Actually, that's not her bed of choice. She prefers to sleep by the fireplace on her doggie bed. I snapped the picture above when she jumped up on one of our beds to escape the evil vacuum cleaner. She's proof that it's not just cats that are afraid of vacuum cleaners.

While Kona snoozes, I get busy pondering what to serve myself for breakfast. Lately, sweet potatoes have been a bit of a favorite. For a long time, I avoided sweet potatoes because I feared that would bring back my candida. Now, a year into my ACD diet, I no longer fear them as long as I don't eat a whole sweet potato at one time. I usually eat a large one over three breakfasts.

Sweet potatoes with pomegranate and pumpkin seeds is one of my favorite recipes for breakfast.

  1. One medium or large sweet potato
  2. 1-2 T. hemp milk, unsweetened
  3. 1 T. toasted pumpkin seeds
  4. 1-2 T. pomegranate seeds
  5. Sea salt
  1. Bake sweet potato (I do mine in the microwave because it's faster, about 6-8 minutes, as opposed to 40 minutes in the oven at 400 degrees. Prick the sweet potato with a fork prior to baking.)
  2. Let cool slightly.
  3. Slice the top of the potato and use a fork to mash the insides a bit.
  4. Drizzle on the hemp milk and mix in.
  5. Sprinkle on the seeds and season with salt if desired.


Brandi said...

This sounds delicious! I hope to get to try it soon. :)

Sheree Welshimer said...

It is delicious! I just had another one for breakfast. It also can be served at lunch or dinner. Thanks for your comment.

Ricki said...

Sounds great to me (and I adore pomegranate!). I used to have sweet potato for breakfast all the time--oddly, it was bteter for me at the beginning of the ACD than any grain. Have you tried warm baked sweet potato with almond butter on top? Fabulous. :)

Sheree Welshimer said...

Sounds delish. I haven't tried that yet but I have topped a breakfast sweet potato with creamy sunbutter mixed with a little hemp milk. It's tasty too and I'm a big fan of sunbutter.