Sunday, January 2, 2011

Coconut butter revisited

Homemade coconut/cacao butter
I am on a kick to come up with a healthy treat that's ACD friendly. Coconut has long been off my list because of the saturated fat that tends to upset my digestive tract. I have no gallbladder which means saturated fats don't go down well. And I have no self control. It's better if it's not in the house.

 For some reason, I decided to give coconut another try. I even had a bag of organic coconut tucked away in the freezer from my last coconut indulgence. I saw a video on the internet that showed how to make your own coconut butter out of coconut flakes. Premade coconut butter such as Artisana is expensive. It looked like a challenge to see if I could make my own.

All you do is pour some unsweetened coconut flakes in your food processor and start processing. I didn't want to make a ton so I just put in one cup of flakes. It takes about 20 minutes with some scraping of the sides to keep the mixture blending. Voila! It worked.

From scratch coconut butter
Things started getting dangerous once I had the coconut butter made. I decided to add cacao bits to make my version of Artisana's coconut-cacao bliss. I added 2 T. cacao bits and some stevia. Add more if you want more chocolate flavor.

Now, my problem is limiting myself. I eagerly gobbled up a couple of bites and stored the rest in the fridge.
I've been restricting myself to a bit sprinkled on top of berries as a dessert. By eating it sparingly, I have been able to avoid the dreaded stomach issues. I'm still mulling over other ways to use it. Please share your ideas.


Ricki said...

I had the same problem over the holidays--made homemade coconut butter and couldn't stop eating it. I made peppermint chocolate "bark" and also mixed it with smooth almond butter for a more-solid almond butter spread (and it's great melted over pancakes). :)

Sheree Welshimer said...

Oh , my God, I never should have looked at your recipe. It looks too delicious and I want to try it. Thanks for sharing.

Brandi said...

I've had a terrible time finding it in stores, so I'm thrilled to see you can make it easily. Thank you for sharing this temptation. :)