Sunday, September 23, 2012

Chunky monkey ice cream makeover

Hey, I want some chunky monkey ice cream too!
Nika got a new bone for robust chewers for her first birthday. Having survived one year with the "Big Red" bone crusher, I felt I deserved something too. Here's a brief look back at year No. 1 with the 90+-pound Clifford want-to-be.

Since she entered our household, I see my physical therapist more than I see my husband. I have been transformed into a night owl because Nika goes "psycho" with energy every night at midnight. I have spent more time up in the wee hours (taking Nika for walks to do her business) than I ever did with my human kids. Our fencing budget keeps growing to keep pace with Nika's growth and jumping ability. I have cleaned up enough drool to fill a large swimming pool and vacuumed enough dog hair to knit sweaters for a herd of elephants (that's if elephants wore sweaters).

Why do I put up with her? Her tail just about comes off every time she sees me. She has boundless love and enthusiasm for life which is catching. And like all dogs, she provides unconditional love.

"Spunky" monkey ice cream (my version)

Still, I think I deserve something just for having survived one year with the "Big Red" dynamo who sometimes reminds me of a cross between a monkey (curiosity and energy) and gorilla (size and strength). I haven't eaten a banana in five+ years, thanks to candida and delayed food allergy, which makes bananas (high glycemic) taboo. But in honor of monkey-gorilla girl Nika, I decided to "go bananas."

I created a makeover version of Chunky Monkey ice cream. I left out most of the bananas (just used half of one) and filled in with frozen pear. I dubbed this recipe Spunky Monkey Ice Cream in honor of Nika who definitely is "spunky." In fact, the owner of her dog parents referred to her as spunky even as a wee pup.

I added lots of protein to this recipe to counter the carbs of the bananas and pears. I topped my creation with additional frozen bananas and pear pieces, dipped in melted chocolate sauce. Other topping possibilities would be cookie dough or brownie pieces, nuts or seeds, or chocolate hard shell.

Spunky Monkey Ice Cream
Ingredients for one large serving or two small:

1/4 cup of unsweetened regular coconut milk (not full fat unless you want it)
1/2 frozen banana cut into pieces (reserve a piece or two for topping)
1/2 frozen pear diced (reserve a few pieces for topping)
1-2 T. unsweetened sunbutter or other nut/seed butter of choice
1-2 scoops vegan plain rice protein
1 T. Dandy Blend
liquid vanilla stevia drops
optional: stir in some walnut or other nuts, pieces of cookie dough or brownie

Put everything into your food processor and blend until mostly smooth but slightly chunky. The ice cream will be fairly thick but you may want to firm it up  a bit more by transferring the mixture to a container and placing it in the freezer while you prepare your toppings.

For the toppings, dip the reserved frozen banana and pear pieces in a chocolate sauce. I make mine by melting 2 T. of coconut oil and adding 3 T. of cacao powder, 1/2 T. Dandy Blend  and vanilla stevia drops to taste. Sometimes I throw in 1 T. of sunbutter to increase the creaminess. You also can melt Enjoy Life chocolate chips or other hard chocolate.
Place the dipped fruit pieces on wax paper to allow the chocolate shell to harden. Place these chocolate-dipped fruit pieces in the freezer until ready to use.

Take the Spunky Monkey out of the freezer to allow to soften up slightly. Serve 1-2 scoops per person and top with chocolate-dipped fruit.

Hey, how come I didn't get anything for putting up with Gigantor (A.K.A. Nika)?

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